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239_01/2006Cover Picture: Macromol. Symp. 239/2006

Cover: Advancement in modern po lymer technologies such as photo-electronics, pharmaceutical and biomedical fields, biodegradable systems and specific composites are increasingly interrelated. Urgent demands are apparent for new, eco-efficient, advanced polymer systems, the development of which requires interdisciplinary knowledge. The common thinking of scientists specialized in certain segments of polymer science and technology was strongly initiated by the 8th International Symposium on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PAT 2005) held in Budapest, September 2005.

Convergent concepts can be seen in the developments of materials to be used as pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, polymer composites, fire retarded polymers, membranes, conductive systems and fuel cells. The presented unusual ways for various technologies of advanced polymer systems may initiate further research activities in the near future.

Responding to the demand for better understanding of the advanced materials the conference covered the mechanistic and technological aspects of syntheses, composite and nanocomposite formation, and behaviour of polymeric materials in biomedical environment. As an example, the picture shows an SEM micrograph of carbon nanofibers in sPP (filler content: 0,6 %), taken from the contribution by W. Kaminsky.

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