Macromolecular Symposia

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September 21, 2004

Top marks for manuscriptXpress

Last August, the international publisher Wiley-VCH asked its authors and reviewers to evaluate the company's manuscriptXpress service, which allows for the online submission and review of journal manuscripts. The results testify to the high degree of acceptance for this service: The overwhelming majority of users gave it best marks.

Since the introduction of its manuscriptXpress editing and production system ( Wiley-VCH has not only seen a drastic change in the processes involved in submitting and reviewing journal papers, but also the entire publication process has been considerably accelerated. Among the participating journals, 95% of all manuscripts are now submitted online, with the result that most of those sent via manuscriptXpress appear some three weeks earlier.

Last August Wiley-VCH asked a representative user group of over 6,000 authors and reviewers to give their opinion of manuscriptXpress by way of an online survey. The result was a high response rate and an almost unanimous verdict.

"Both the authors and reviewers rated our system for its excellent technical functions and are impressed by its speed and ease-of-use," commented Manfred Antoni, Managing Director of Wiley-VCH. "As opposed to the conventional means of submission by mail, fax or e-mail, the users consider the online alternative to be clearly advantageous in terms of speed and handling."

"A further positive result were the enthusiastic comments and suggestions for further developing the system", adds Andreas Muth, Senior Publishing Editor at Wiley-VCH. "We consider this a confirmation that the general functions of manuscriptXpress correspond to the wishes of our authors and reviewers." Suggestions for further optimization have already been implemented in the current version of the application.

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