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November 03, 2004

International Conference on High-Throughput Formulation Technologies

7û8 December, 2004, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Process industries and chemical manufacturers in particular are faced with increasing pressure to implement fast, low cost and environmentally friendly processes to yield new products for a highly competitive marketplace. Speciality products have to be synthesised ready-for-use, often in low volumes and with decreasing product development life cycles.
This pressure has led to a high demand for fast, parallel, "High-Throughput Technologies" (HTT) for synthesis and screening. Examples of HTT in formulation R&D applications (e.g. in the food, detergent, cosmetic or paint industry) are little publicised. This conference aims to demonstrate the immense potential of HTT for formulation applications. During the event, discussions will be held to identify current R&D gaps and needs relating to HTT in formulation applications, and find new solutions for applying this technology across various industries. Application of High-Throughput Formulation Technology to polymer science, inorganic materials, colloids, catalysis, and pharmaceuticals will be addressed.

Who Should Attend?
Research scientists, laboratory managers and technology suppliers interested in speeding up formulation development processes through the use of combinatorial approaches, laboratory automation and informatics tools.

Why Should You Attend?
The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for delegates to learn about existing applications of High-Throughput Formulation Technologies, to talk directly to experts in this field and to stimulate ideas for innovative applications. Technology providers will benefit from access to new markets and partnerships in relatively unexploited technology areas, and from knowledge exchange with other experts.

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Further Information
Combinatorial Material Research and High-Throughput Experimentation in Polymer and Materials Research:

Special Issue of Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2004, Volume 25, Issue 1, Pages 1û386.

Guest Editors Ulrich S. Schubert and Eric J. Amis.

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