Macromolecular Rapid Communications

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29_20/2008Macromol. Rapid Commun. 20/2008

Cover: An attractive concept for designing “smart materials” is the combination of supramolecular interactions, namely metal-ligand coordination with lower critical solution temperature (LCST) polymers. This concept allows exploitation of the thermoresponsive polymer properties and, at the same time, the characteristics offered by the specificity of the utilized supramolecular interactions. The cover presents the temperature switchability, represented by the LCST of mono-terpyridine PNIPAM and its Fe(II) bis-terpyridine PNIPAM complexes as well as switching the complexation by adding a competing ligand HEEDTA. Further details can be found in the article by M. Chiper, D. Fournier, R. Hoogenboom, and U. S. Schubert* on page 1640.

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