physica status solidi (b)

Cover image for Vol. 253 Issue 5

Editor: Stefan Hildebrandt (Editor-in-Chief), Sabine Bahrs (Deputy Editor)

Online ISSN: 1521-3951

Associated Title(s): physica status solidi (a), physica status solidi (c), physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters

247_02c/2010Inside Back Cover (Phys. Status Solidi B 2/2010)

The illustration on the inside back cover refers to the Editor's Choice article on page 248ff. Tyler Roschuk and his collaborators found luminescence from Tb-doped silicon oxide samples to be strongly correlated to O-related energy states using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The central part of the picture shows the X-ray excited optical luminescence (XEOL) profile scanned over the O K-edge. The upper plot depicts the total electron and photoluminescence (integrated XEOL) yields at this edge. The onset of strong Tb3+ luminescence, clearly distinguished at 542 eV in the lower XEOL spectrum, is observed after excitation at and above the O K-edge. Similar results have been obtained at the Si K-edge at energies related to Si-O bonding.

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