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  1. C3N—A 2D Crystalline, Hole-Free, Tunable-Narrow-Bandgap Semiconductor with Ferromagnetic Properties

    Siwei Yang, Wei Li, Caichao Ye, Gang Wang, He Tian, Chong Zhu, Peng He, Guqiao Ding, Xiaoming Xie, Yang Liu, Yeshayahu Lifshitz, Shuit-Tong Lee, Zhenhui Kang and Mianheng Jiang

    Version of Record online: 27 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.201605625

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    C3N consists of a 2D honeycomb lattice with homogeneous distribution of nitrogen atoms, where both N and C atoms show D6h-symmetry. It is a semiconductor with an indirect bandgap of 0.39 eV. Back-gated field effect transistors made of single-layer C3N display an on–off current ratio reaching 5.5 × 1010. Surprisingly, C3N exhibits ferromagnetic order when doped with hydrogen.

  2. Circular Graphene Platelets with Grain Size and Orientation Gradients Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition

    Xing Xin, Zeyuan Fei, Teng Ma, Long Chen, Mao-Lin Chen, Chuan Xu, Xitang Qian, Dong-Ming Sun, Xiu-Liang Ma, Hui-Ming Cheng and Wencai Ren

    Version of Record online: 27 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.201605451

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    Monolayer circular graphene platelets with a grain structure gradient in the radial direction are synthesized by chemical vapor deposition on immiscible W–Cu substrates. Because of the different interactions and growth behaviors of graphene on Cu and tungsten carbide, such substrates cause the formation of grain size and orientation gradients through the competition between Cu and tungsten carbide in graphene growth.

  3. Isomer-Pure Bis-PCBM-Assisted Crystal Engineering of Perovskite Solar Cells Showing Excellent Efficiency and Stability

    Fei Zhang, Wenda Shi, Jingshan Luo, Norman Pellet, Chenyi Yi, Xiong Li, Xiaoming Zhao, T. John S. Dennis, Xianggao Li, Shirong Wang, Yin Xiao, Shaik Mohammed Zakeeruddin, Dongqin Bi and Michael Grätzel

    Version of Record online: 27 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.201606806

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    Significantly improved performance of mixed perovskite solar cells, using a facile α-bis-PCBM-containing perovskite growth method during device fabrication, is reported. The newly developed perovskite solar cell exhibits an enhanced power conversion efficiency of 20.8%, along with enhanced stability under heat and illumination.

  4. Ultrathin Iron-Cobalt Oxide Nanosheets with Abundant Oxygen Vacancies for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

    Linzhou Zhuang, Lei Ge, Yisu Yang, Mengran Li, Yi Jia, Xiangdong Yao and Zhonghua Zhu

    Version of Record online: 27 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.201606793

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    Ultrathin iron-cobalt oxide nanosheets (FexCoy-ONSs) rich in oxygen vacancies are prepared through NaBH4 fast reduction. Nanosheets with an equal Fe/Co ratio exhibit high oxygen evolution reaction (OER) activity. Experimental results prove that the abundant oxygen vacancies and large surface area of Fe1Co1-ONS can provide more OER active sites and facilitate mass/electron transfer, while Fe3+ incorporation can increase the reactivity of active sites.

  5. Au Sub-Nanoclusters on TiO2 toward Highly Efficient and Selective Electrocatalyst for N2 Conversion to NH3 at Ambient Conditions

    Miao-Miao Shi, Di Bao, Ba-Ri Wulan, Yong-He Li, Yue-Fei Zhang, Jun-Min Yan and Qing Jiang

    Version of Record online: 27 FEB 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/adma.201606550

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    Using Au sub-nanoclusters anchored on TiO2 substrate as a heterogeneous electrocatalyst, the special Au active sites lead to the effective and stable electrochemical N2 reduction reaction with high NH3 yield (21.4 µg h−1 mg−1cat.) and Faradaic efficiency (8.11%) as well as 100% NH3 selectivity at ambient conditions.