Advanced Materials

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A new way to get your message across

Advanced Materials is pleased to announce its new video abstract service, designed specifically to help you maximize the impact of your best work. Video abstracts highlight the most important aspects of your research article in a 2 to 3 minute video created from the information in your article and its supporting information, together with video clips and animation to provide context for your work and a soundtrack with a description of your work and music when appropriate. If you choose to order a video abstract, the script will be sent to you for approval before video abstract production begins.

Each video abstract will be featured on the Advanced Materials website, in addition to being uploaded to sharing sites such as YouTube. If your article was also featured on a journal cover, we’ll include your cover picture in the video to help maximize its impact! When it’s finished, your video can be used to promote your work on university and research group websites, to demonstrate the importance of your research to funders, and to share your latest results with friends and colleagues. The full citation information for your article will be included in the video abstract so that viewers looking for additional information can easily find the full article.

Starting from your article and its supporting information, the editorial team will bring your research to life in a video abstract.

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ and the video abstract gallery.

For additional information including pricing or to place an order, contact the editorial office at