Cover Picture: Long, Monomolecular Guanine-Based Nanowires (Adv. Mater. 15/2005)

17_15/2005The cover picture is an artistic view, designed by Noam Hamou, of a G-wire, probably a G4-DNA nanowire, where the schematic spiral and tetrad are emerging from a single molecule deposited on a mica surface, as imaged by AFM. Kotlyar and co-workers report on p. 1901 on the development of novel long monomolecular G-wires that, upon self-folding, form structures of consecutive guanine tetrads with and without metal ions in the inner channel of the molecule. The continuity of the molecule backbone and its improved stiffness suggest that this single DNA-based structure might be useful for nanoelectronic applications.

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