Advanced Materials

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Inside Front Cover: Fabrication of Ideally Ordered Nanoporous Alumina Films and Integrated Alumina Nanotubule Arrays by High-Field Anodization (Adv. Mater. 17/2005)

17_17b/2005A simple, low-cost approach to fabricating large-area highly ordered nanoporous alumina films in sulfuric acid solutions through a single-step high-field anodization, without the assistance of any additional process, is reported on p. 2115 by Chu and co-workers. The critical high anodizing potential in the adopted electrolyte system increases with the ageing of solutions after a long period of anodization. Correspondingly, the applicable current density for stable anodization rises significantly, thus leading to high-speed film growth. Uniform porous anodic alumina films in sulfuric acid solutions under a high electric field of 40–70  V and 1600–2000  A m–2 are achieved.

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