Cover Picture: Closing the Gap Between Self-Assembly and Microsystems Using Self-Assembly, Transfer, and Integration of Particles (Adv. Mater. 20/2005)

17_20/2005The cover shows 100  &mgr;m diameter glass spheres covered by a grid of hexagonally packed polystyrene beads. Wolf and co-workers placed the 500 nm diameter polystyrene beads onto the larger spheres using the self-assembly, transfer, and integration (SATI) process that they report on p. 2438. The cover illustrates the capability of SATI to process uneven surfaces in addition to the planar substrates discussed in the article. The carrier that holds the smaller beads deforms during their transfer onto the larger spheres, so that on the larger spheres patterned “caps” are formed. Using this process, which is compatible with standard microfabrication techniques, a variety of particle assemblies can be achieved.

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