Inside Front Cover: Redox-Tunable Defects in Colloidal Photonic Crystals (Adv. Mater. 20/2005)

17_20b/2005The inside front cover illustrates reversible tuning of an intragap transmitting state induced by redox cycling, accomplished using a redox-active polyferrocenylsilane polyelectrolyte multilayer planar defect embedded in a colloidal photonic crystal (CPC) synthesized by a bottom–up method combining colloidal self-assembly and microcontact printing. In work reported on p. 2455 by Manners, Ozin, and co-workers, the wavelength position of the defect state can be changed by changing the oxidation state of the ferrocene moieties in the polymer backbone. This could find applications in electrochemically tunable microcavities, and—if light emitters are incorporated—electrochemically tunable CPC-based laser sources. Cover design by Ludovic Cademartiri.

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