Advanced Materials

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Cover Picture: Combinatorial Material Mechanics: High-Throughput Polymer Synthesis and Nanomechanical Screening (Adv. Mater. 21/2005)

17_21/2005The automated synthesis and nanomechanical characterization of discrete combinatorial arrays of polymers enables high-throughput discovery and analysis of compliant, functional materials, as shown by Van Vliet and co-workers on p. 2599. The cover illustrates a triplicate array of 576 polymers automatically printed on a glass microscope slide, where each spot represents a pairwise, systematically varied composition among 24 different monomers. Overlaid on the image of this triplicate array is a differential interference contrast image of a single nanoliter-scale polymer volume. In less than twenty-four hours of synthesis and mechanical characterization, the stiffness of each polymer is determined and related to key monomer structures and volume fractions thereof.

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