21_01/2009Laser Writing: Direct Laser Writing of Photoresponsive Colloids for Microscale Patterning of 3D Porous Structures (Adv. Mater. 1/2009)

On pg. 66, Paul Braun and co-workers report the use of direct laser writing to pattern porous 3D structures from photo-responsive colloidal building blocks. Upon 2-photon exposure, the colloids become highly attractive, enabling localized control of aggregation behavior. 3D structures composed of porous walls are harvested by writing into a colloidal sediment of these particles, followed by rinsing away unexposed colloidal species. Applications may include microfluidics, and studies of porous media, cellular growth and signaling, and colloidal physics. Cover art by Steven Eisenmann of the Beckman Institute VMIL.

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