Advanced Materials

Cover image for Vol. 28 Issue 40

21_35/2009Artificial Vasculature: Rapid Fabrication of Bio-inspired 3D Microfluidic Vascular Networks (Adv. Mater. 35/2009)

The cover depicts a 3D microchannel network embedded inside an acrylic polymer substrate. The network is created using an electrostatic discharge method that instantaneously vaporizes and fractures the substrate, leaving behind a tree-like fractal arrangement of microchannels bearing a remarkable similarity to naturally occurring vasculature. The ability to rapidly construct microchannel networks incorporating a wide range of diameters (∼10–500 µm) may help enable production of organ-sized engineered tissue scaffolds containing embedded vasculature, as reported by Arul Jayaraman, Victor Ugaz, and co-workers on p. 3567.

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