Advanced Materials

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21_42b/2009Soluble Graphene: Soluble Graphene: Generation of Aqueous Graphene Solutions Aided by a Perylenebisimide-Based Bolaamphiphile (Adv. Mater. 42/2009)

Single-layer graphene (SLG) can be deposited onto Si/SiO2 substrates from aqueous dispersions using a scalable and quick detergent-based method that takes advantage of the availability and low cost of graphite as a feedstock, report Andreas Hirsch and co-workers on p. 4265. The deposits were analyzed using absorption and Raman spectroscopy and atomic force and optical microscopy. Evaluation of the two-phonon defect-induced Raman peak of individual particles on the substrate was then used to confirm exfoliation into graphene monolayers.

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