Advanced Materials

Cover image for Vol. 26 Issue 48

21_48b/2009Multifunctional Integrated Platforms: Fabrication of Advanced Functional Devices Combining Soft Chemistry with X-ray Lithography in One Step (Adv. Mater. 48/2009)

Combining bottom-up sol–gel assembly with micro- and nanofabrication offers a simple and fast route to develop multifunctional integrated platforms, from microfluidics to microarrays, allowing the chemistry and geometry to be tailored to the application, as reported by Paolo Falcaro, Plinio Innocenzi, and co-workers on p. 4932. The inside cover illustrates different patterns of functionalized surfaces. The background is an example of highly controlled microfluidic interface fabricated combining deep X-rays lithography with sol–gel syntheses.

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