23_41i/2011Nanofiber Ink: A Chitin Nanofiber Ink for Airbrushing, Replica Molding, and Microcontact Printing of Self-assembled Macro-, Micro-, and Nanostructures (Adv. Mater. 41/2011)

Self-assembled chitin nanofibers are microcontact printed onto a glass substrate. Ultrafine nanofibers self-assemble from a hexafluoro-2-propanol chitin solution upon drying. On page 4776, Marco Rolandi and co-workers use this “chitin nanofiber ink” for airbrushing, replica molding, and micro-contact printing of chitin nanofiber structures across length scales. Notably, sub-35 nm micro-contact printed nanofiber features are achieved.

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