23_44i/2011Strain-Balanced Epitaxial Stacks of Quantum Dots and Posts: Strain Balanced Epitaxial Stacks of Quantum Dots and Quantum Posts (Adv. Mater. 44/2011)

It is expected that optoelectronic devices embed-ding quantum nanostructures will more efficiently harvest sunlight and outperform current light-emit-ting devices and amplifiers. The advantages and difficulties of compensating the stress introduced by these nanostructures are only recently becoming clear. On page 5256, Diego Alonso-Alvarez, Jose María Ripalda, Benito Alén, and co-workers present how a proper combination of barrier materials and in situ monitoring allows for the engineering of the strain in quantum dot stacks and quantum posts, which will improve their future performance in different optoelectronic applications.

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