Advanced Materials

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23_47i/2011Surface Nanopatterning: Mussel-Inspired Block Copolymer Lithography for Low Surface Energy Materials of Teflon, Graphene, and Gold (Adv. Mater. 47/2011)

Mussel-inspired block copolymer lithography is reported on page 5618 by Haeshin Lee, Sang Ouk Kim, and co-workers. Mussel-inspired poly-dopamine coating enables the organic surface energy modification of low surface energy materials, such as Teflon, graphene, and gold, which is required for block copolymer lithography. Further pattern transfer generates unconventional nano structures, such as Teflon nanowires, nano-patterned graphene, and vertical carbon nanotubes directly grown on Au substrates. The image shows an uncoated (left) and a polydopamine-coated (right) cherry tomato.

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