24_25i/2012White OLEDs: Management of Singlet and Triplet Excitons in a Single Emission Layer: A Simple Approach for a High-Efficiency Fluorescence/Phosphorescence Hybrid White Organic Light-Emitting Device (Adv. Mater. 25/2012)

A high-efficiency single-emission-layer (EML) hybrid white organic light-emitting device is fabricated based on an ideal sky blue fluorophor, DADBT, using a novel doping concentration regulation strategy. This strategy, outlined on page 3410 by X.-H. Zhang, C.-S. Lee, and co-workers, effectively separates and respectively utilizes the singlet and triplet excitons in the single-EML. The white device shows excellent electroluminescence performance with maximum total efficiencies of 26.6%, 53.5 cd A−1 and 67.2 lm W−1.

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