Advanced Materials

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24_43/2012Silicon Nanocrystals: Small Silicon, Big Opportunities: The Development and Future of Colloidally-Stable Monodisperse Silicon Nanocrystals (Adv. Mater. 43/2012)

Small silicon, big opportunities: A colloidally-stable silicon nanocrystal (ncSi) polydispersion size-separated into monodisperse fractions exhibits photoluminescence blue-shifting with decreasing particle size under photoexcitation. The ability to prepare ncSi monodispersions opens the door to access and study tunable size-dependent properties that promise to have a huge impact on the development of silicon nanomaterials and technology. Recent contributions in size-separation methods, characterization of size-dependent property trends, and ncSi applications are discussed by Geoffrey A. Ozin and co-workers on page 5890.

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