25_09/2013Sensors: Real-Time, Sensitive, and Specific Detection of Promoter-Polymerase Interactions in Gene Transcription Using a Nanoplasmonic Sensor (Adv. Mater. 9/2013)

Sang Jun Sim and co-workers demonstrate on page 1265 the specific recognition of pointmutated promoter by RNA polymerase. The interactions between promoter and RNA polymerase are monitored using Rayleigh light scattering on gold nanoparticles. Using a darkfield microscope, the individual gold nanoparticles can be visualized as the bright colored spots (red, green, or orange in the cover image) by light scattering. Binding of RNA polymerase on the surface of a AuNP is quantitatively detected by LSPR (localized surface plasmon resonance) maximum wavelength shift.

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