Advanced Materials

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25_10b/2013Polymer Electrolytes: Imprintable, Bendable, and Shape-Conformable Polymer Electrolytes for Versatile-Shaped Lithium-Ion Batteries (Adv. Mater. 10/2013)

Imprintable, bendable, and shape-conformable polymer electrolytes for use in versatile-shaped lithium batteries with 3D-structured electrodes or flexible characteristics are reported by Sang-Young Lee, Kuk Young Cho, and co-workers on p. 1395. The structural uniqueness and well-tuned rheological properties of UV-curable electrolyte mixtures comprising a triacrylate monomer, a high-boiling-point liquid electrolyte, and inorganic nanoparticles, in combination with direct UV-assisted nanoimprint lithography, enable successful fabrication of advanced polymer electrolytes in geometries that lie far beyond those accessible with conventional electrolytes.

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