25_16/2013Porphycenes: Poly-Ortho-Functionalizable Tetraarylporphycene Platform–Synthesis of Octacationic Derivatives Towards the Layer-by-Layer Design of Versatile Graphene Oxide Photoelectrodes (Adv. Mater. 16/2013)

A novel eightfold positively charged poly-ortho-substituted porphycene – bearing four sterically demanding substituents in 2,7,12,17-positions – is synthesized and characterized in depth. It is shown to be a multifunctional and versatile water-soluble building block. Successful electrostatic interaction with graphene oxide is established and followed photospectroscopically. Immobilization by means of layer-by-layer assembly and deposition onto ITO electrodes affords novel solar energy conversion devices. Further details can be found in the article by Norbert Jux, Dirk M. Guldi, and co-workers on page 2314.

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