25_32/2013Nanowires: Metal-Dielectric-CNT Nanowires for Femtomolar Chemical Detection by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (Adv. Mater. 32/2013)

Irradiation of a dark red laser (λ = 785 nm) on a canopy gold-hafnia-carbon nanotubes (CNTs), supported by vertically aligned hafnia-CNTs without gold, can induce local plasmonic enhancement of the electromagnetic field at the CNT junctions by a “kissing nanowire” effect. This is demonstrated by work by Hyung Gyu Park, Tiziana Bond and co-workers on page 4431. Eliminating the quenching of surface plasmons through the CNT by the insertion of a dielectric barrier (hafnia), molecules such as 1,2bis-(4-pyridyl)-ethylene located in these hot spots can be detected at femtomolar-level concentrations by surface enhanced Raman scattering

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