Advanced Materials

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25_35/2013Nanothermometry: All-In-One Optical Heater-Thermometer Nanoplatform Operative From 300 to 2000 K Based on Er3+ Emission and Blackbody Radiation (Adv. Mater. 35/2013)

A nanoplatform accomplishes simultaneous laser-induced heat generation by gold nanoparticles and temperature sensing by (Gd,Yb,Er)2O3 nanorods, presenting considerable potential for hyperthermia and deep-tissue optical imaging. On page 4868, Luis D. Carlos, J. Rocha and co-workers assess the local temperature from the Boltzmann distribution of the Er3+ up-conversion 2H11/2[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]4|15/2/4S3/2[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]4|15/2 intensity ratio (300–1050 K) or Planck's law for white-light emission (1200–2000 K).

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