Deposition of Data from X-ray Structure Analyses

Prior to submitting your manuscript please deposit the data for your compound(s) electronically at the appropriate data base, that is, at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) for organic and organometallic compounds and at the Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe (FIZ) for inorganic compounds. Both data bases will be pleased to provide help. In general, you will receive a depository number from the data base within three working days after electronic deposition; please include this number with the appropriate standard text (see below) in your manuscript. This will enable the referees to retrieve the structure information quickly and efficiently if they need this information to reach their decision. If data are revised prior to publication, a replacement file should be provided.

Organic and Organometallic Compounds

Before submission of the manuscript, send your data including author and journal details to CCDC in CIF format as a plain text ASCII file by e-mail (address below). A checklist of data items for deposition can be obtained from the CCDC homepage (address below) or by e-mail (to with the one-line message sendme checklist). The data will be assigned a registry number, which should be included with the following standard text in the manuscript:

Crystallographic data (excluding structure factors) for the structure(s) reported in this paper have been deposited with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre as supplementary publication no. CCDC-.... Copies of the data can be obtained free of charge from or on application to The Director (address below)

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC)
12 Union Road
Cambridge CB2 1EZ


(+44) 1223 336 408


(+44) 1223 336 033



Inorganic Compounds

FIZ accepts only data deposited in electronic form (in CIF or CASTOR format). Before submitting your manuscript, send the data directly to FIZ by e-mail (address below), by FTP (please contact FIZ if you decide on this option), or on disk. If you deposit your data by e-mail, you will be given a CSD number, as a rule within two days, which should be included in your manuscript with the following standard text:

"Further details of the crystal structure investigation(s) may be obtained from the Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe, D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany), on quoting the depository number CSD-... [numbers CSD-..., -..., -..., and -...]."

Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe (FIZ)
D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen


(+49) 7247 808 205


(+49) 7247 808 666

FTP: (path: /pub/csd)

WWW: under "Products and Services"