Advanced Materials

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Editor-in-Chief: Peter Gregory, Deputy Editors: Mary Farrell, Duoduo Liang, Lorna Stimson

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Associated Title(s): Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Engineering Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Healthcare Materials, Advanced Materials Interfaces, Advanced Optical Materials, Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, Small

July 24, 2002

Selective ion adsorption...

can be carried out with mesostructured metal ion adsorbents in which the ligand groups are included inside the framework walls, as demonstrated by L. Mercier and co-workers. Another important feature of these materials is that the pore channels are not obstructed by functional groups, thus making it possible to further functionalize the mesostructure or improve the adsorption properties of the adsorbents. (L. Mercier et al., August 5, Adv. Mater. 2002, 14, 1053-1056)

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