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Photobioreactor for Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide

August 14, 2015


Currently, the world is facing worldwide crises of environment and health degradation due to the elevation of greenhouse gases. Both the environmental impact and the limited reserves of fossil fuel have motivated many researchers to investigate the commercialization of microalgae culturing for both CO2 biofixation and biofuel production. Many factors such as temperature, pH, light intensity, aeration rate, and agitation affect the growth of microalgae. However, light intensity is one of the most significant factors because, if it is insufficient or exceedingly high, it can limit or inhibit microalgal growth. H. Znad et al. investigated the rates of biomass production and CO2 biofixation by Chlorella vulgaris in a batch photobioreactor at different light intensities. A light enclosure was designed for better and controlled illumination in the available bioreactor, in order to explore the optimum light intensity for C. vulgaris. Both the high growth rate and the high carbon content achieved by this strain make it a prospective microalgal species in the CO2 biofixation technology.

Gita Naderi, Moses O. Tade, Hussein Znad
Modified Photobioreactor for Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide by Chlorella vulgaris at Different Light Intensities
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2015, 38 (8), 1371-1379.
DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201400790