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Edited By: Angelo Azzi and William J. Whelan

Impact Factor: 3.141

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 99/189 (Cell Biology); 123/286 (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Online ISSN: 1521-6551

Associated Title(s): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, BioFactors

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Moonlighting characteristics of G protein-coupled receptors: Focus on receptor heteromers and relevance for neurodegeneration
Borroto-Escuela, D.O., Tarakanov, A.O., Guidolin, D., Ciruela, F., Agnati, L.F., Fuxe, K.

Evolution of translation termination factor eRF3: Is GSPT2 generated by retrotransposition of GSPT1's mRNA?
Zhouravleva, G., Schepachev, V., Petrova, A., Tarasov, O., Inge-Vechtomov, S.

Phosphate-uptake systems in Yarrowia lipolytica cells grown under alkaline conditions
Zvyagilskaya, R., Parchomenko, O., Persson, B.L.

Role of the ADP/ATP-antiporter in fatty acid-induced uncoupling of Ca2+-loaded rat liver mitochondria
Bodrova, M.E., Dedukhova, V.I., Samartsev, V.N., Mokhova, E.N.

Evolution of translation termination factor eRF3: Is GSPT2 generated by retrotransposition of GSPT1's mRNA?
Zhouravleva, G., Schepachev, V., Petrova, A., Tarasov, O., Inge-Vechtomov, S.

Study of F-actin interaction with planar and liposomal bilayer phospholipid membranes
Grigoriev, P.A., Tarahovsky, Yu.S., Pavlik, L.L., Udaltsov, S.N., Moshkov, D.A.

Tumor necrosis factor, lymphotoxin and cancer
Drutskaya, M.S., Efimov, G.A., Kruglov, A.A., Kuprash, D.V., Nedospasov, S.A.

Trapping of human DNA Topoisomerase I by DNA structures mimicking intermediates of DNA repair
Lebedeva, N., Rechkunova, N., Boiteux, S., Lavrik, O.

Dual regulation of proton- and sodium-coupled phosphate transport systems in the Yarrowia lipolytica yeast by extracellular phosphate and pH
Zvyagilskaya, R., Persson, B.L.

Structural features of proteins responsible for resistance of tryptophan residues to nitrosylation
Suntsova, T.P., Beda, N.V., Nedospasov, A.A.

Model of detergent-induced spectral changes of the B800-850 complex from Chromatium minutissimum
Razjivin, A.P., Moskalenko, A.A., Novoderezhkin, V.I.

Generation of reactive oxygen species by polymorphonuclear leukocytes and its modulation by calcium ions during tumor growth
Pustovidko, A.V., Potselueva, M.M., Evtodienko, Yu.V.

Binding of the coenzyme and formation of the transketolase active center
Kochetov, G.A., Sevostyanova, I.A.

Amino acid sequence of the protease inhibitor BWI-4a from buckwheat seeds
Belozersky, M.A., Dunaevsky, Y.E., Musolyamov, A.Kh., Egorov, T.A.

Vanadium-binding protein excreted by vanadate-reducing bacteria
Antipov, A.N., Lyalikova, N.N., L'vov, N.P.

Vanadate reduction by molybdenum-free dissimilatory nitrate reductases from vanadate-reducing bacteria
Antipov, A.N., Lyalikova, N.N., Khijniak, T.V., L'vov, N.P.

A 29.5 KDA heat-modifiable major outer membrane protein of Rickettsia prowazekii, putative virulence factor, is a peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase
Emelyanov, V.V., Loukianov, E.V.

Optical study of cytochrome CM formation in synechocystis
Shuvalov, V.A., Allakhverdiev, S.I., Sakamoto, A., Malakhov, M., Murata, N.

Suppression of mitochondrial permeability transition pore and induction of lymphoma P388 cell death by cyclosporin
A Teplova, V., Evtodienko, Yu., Odinokova, I., Kruglov, A., Kudrjavtsev, A.

A model of EcoRII restriction endonuclease action: The active complex is most likely formed by one protein subunit and one DNA recognition site
Karpova, E.A., Kubareva, E.A., Shabarova, Z.A.

Structural aspects of trans-translation
Shpanchenko, O.V., Golovin, A.V., Bugaeva, E.Y., Isaksson, L.A., Dontsova, O.A.

Structure-based cross-linking of NF-κB p50 homodimer and decoy bearing a novel 2′-disulfide trapping site
Metelev, V., Romanenkov, A., Kubareva, E., Zubin, E., Polouchine, N., Zatsepin, T., Molochkov, N., Oretskaya, T.

Which stage of the process of apotransketolase interaction with thiamine diphosphate is affected by the regulatory activity of the donor substrate?
Esakova, O.A., Meshalkina, L.E., Golbik, R., Brauer, J., Hübner, G., Kochetov, G.A.

Interaction of bacterial flagellum filaments with skeletal muscle myosin
Novikova, N.A., Levitsky, D.I., Metlina, A.L., Poglazov, B.F.

Simultaneous interaction of actin with α-actinin and calponin
Panasenko, O.O., Gusev, N.B.

Lucigenin luminescence elicited by microsomes and its modulation by nitroazole compounds
Schepetkin, I.A.

The control of brain mitochondrial energization by cytosolic calcium: The mitochondrial gas pedal
Gellerich, F.N., Gizatullina, Z., Gainutdinov, T., Muth, K., Seppet, E., Orynbayeva, Z., Vielhaber, S.

Gene expression under laser and light-emitting diodes radiation for modulation of cell adhesion: Possible applications for biotechnology
Karu, T., Pyatibrat, L.

Functional nonequivalence of transketolase active centers
Kochetov, G.A., Sevostyanova, I.A.

Detection of glycosylase, endonuclease and methyltransferase enzyme activities using immobilized oligonucleotides
Sudina, A., Volkov, E., Oretskaya, T., Naryshkin, N., Ivanovskaya, M., Kubareva, E.

Direct cloning of a target gene from a pool of homologous sequences: Complete cDNA sequence of a weak neurotoxin from cobra Naja kaouthia
Oustitch, T.L., Peters, L.-E., Utkin, Yu.N., Tsetlin, V.I.

How I became a biochemist
Skulachev, V.P.