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I.I. Rabi Award Winning Articles

The I.I. Rabi Award is granted annually by the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine during their Young Investigator Award competition. The award is presented at the Society’s Annual Meeting, after all the finalists have presented their papers. The recipient’s article is published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. The list of some recent Rabi Award winners is provided below.

Direct quantitative 13C-filtered 1H magnetic resonance imaging of PEGylated biomacromolecules in vivo
Rohan D. A. Alvares, Justin Y. C. Lau, Peter M. Madonald, Charles H. Cunningham, and R. Scott Prosser
Volume 77, Issue 4

Free-breathing volumetric fat/water separation by combining radial sampling, compressed sensing, and parallel imaging
Thomas Benkert, Li Feng, Daniel K. Sodickson, Hersh Chandarana, and Kai Tobias Block
First published: 9 September 2016

Music-based magnetic resonance fingerprinting to improve patient comfort during MRI examinations
Dan Ma, Eric Y. Pierre, Yun Jiang, Mark D. Schluchter, Kawin Setsompop, Vikas Gulani and Mark A. Griswold
Volume 75, Issue 6

Spin echoes in the regime of weak dephasing
Jakob Assländer, Steffen J. Glaser, and Jürgen Hennig
Volume 75, Issue 1

Two-dimensional imaging in a lightweight portable MRI scanner without gradient coils
Clarissa Zimmerman Cooley, Jason P. Stockmann, Brandon D. Armstrong, Mathieu Sarracanie, Michael H. Lev, Matthew S. Rosen and Lawrence L. Wald
Volume 73, Issue 2

A new approach to shimming: The dynamically controlled adaptive current network
Chad. T. Harris, William B. Handler and Blaine A. Chronik
Volume 71, Issue 2

Spatially resolved extended phase graphs: Modeling and design of multipulse sequences with parallel transmission
Shaihan J. Malik, Francesco Padormo, Anthony N. Price and Joseph V. Hajnal
Volume 68, Issue 5

Microscopic and Compartment Shape Anisotropies in Gray and White Matter Revealed by Angular Biopolar Double-PFG MR
Noam Shemesh, Yoram Cohen
Volume 65, Issue 5

B1 Mapping by Bloch-Siegert Shift
Laura I. Sacolick, Florian Wiesinger, Ileana Hancu, and Mika W. Vogel
Volume 63, Issue 5

Robust Water/Fat Separation in the Presence of Large Field Inhomogeneities Using a Graph Cut Algorithm
D. Hernando, P. Kellman, J. P. Haldar, Z.-P. Liang
Volume 63, Issue 1

Electrodynamic Constraints on Homogeneity and RF power Deposition in Multiple Coil Excitations
Riccardo Lattanzi, Daniel K. Sodickson, Aaron K. Grant, and Yudong Zhu
Volume 61, Issue 2

Undersampled Radial MRI with Multiple Coils. Iterative Image Reconstruction Using a Total Variation Constraint
Kai Tobias Block, Martin Uecker, Jens Frahm
Volume 57, Issue 6

Dynamic magnetic resonance inverse imaging of human brain function
Fa-Hsuan Lin, Lawrence L. Wald, Seppo P. Ahlfors, Matti S. Hämäläinen, Kenneth K. Kwong and John W. Belliveau
Volume 56, Issue 4

Model-Free Arterial Spin Labeling Quantification Approach for Perfusion MRI
Esben Thade Petersen, Tchoyoson Lim and Xavier Golay
Volume 55, Issue 2

Parallel Imaging Performance as a Function of Field Strength – An Experimental Investigation using Electrodynamic Scaling
Florian Wiesinger, Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele, Gregor Adriany, Nicola De Zanche, Kamil Ugurbil and Klaas P. Pruessmann
Volume 52, Issue 5

Flow Effects in Balanced Steady State Free Precession Imaging
M. Markl, M.T. Alley, C.J. Elkins and N.J. Pelc
Volume 50, Issue 5

Homogeneous Preparation Encoding (HoPE) in Multi-Slice Imaging
Hans-Peter Fautz, Klaus Scheffler and Jürgen Hennig
Volume 48, Issue 5

The Physiological Noise in Oxygenation-Sensitive Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Gunnar Krüger and Gary H. Glover
Volume 46, Issue 4