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Edited By: H. Jungkunst, S. Schubert

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Virtual Issue: 90 years of JPNSS

Read these articles for free and get valuable information. In 2012 our journal celebrated its 90th anniversary. This occasion marks an outstanding and successful tradition of academic publishing – as a result of the conceptual partnership with the German Soil Science Society (DBG), the German Society of Plant Nutrition (DGP), and the publisher Wiley-VCH (Verlag Chemie, Wiley-Blackwell). Over the years, the name of the journal has been subject to various changes. This mirrors historical developments not only in its scientific focus but also in the readership as reflected in the publication language. This virtual issue represents a compilation of 20 papers that mark ‘highlights’ of research in our disciplines. Even though the selection may be somewhat subjective, it provides an insight into the journal’s impressive performance over 90 years.

Editorial: 90 years of Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science (JPNSS). J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 175, 3.
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Virtual Issue: Carbon stocks and sequestration in soils under different land management

Read these articles for free and get valuable information. This issue represents a compilation of recent articles focusing on cutting-edge research on carbon dynamics and sequestration in atmosphere-plant-soil systems under different land-use management. These papers are typically attracting large numbers of readers as inferred from numerous hits at the “Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science” website and many downloads.

Agroforestry as a strategy for carbon sequestration (pages 10–23)
P. K. Ramachandran Nair, B. Mohan Kumar and Vimala D. Nair

Organic carbon in soils of Germany: Status quo and the need for new data to evaluate potentials and trends of soil carbon sequestration (pages 601–614)
Annette Prechtel, Margit von Lützow, Bernd Uwe Schneider, Oliver Bens, Claus G. Bannick, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner and Reinhard F. Hüttl

Soil organic carbon–stock changes in Flemish grassland soils from 1990 to 2000 (pages 24–31)
Inge Mestdagh, Steven Sleutel, Peter Lootens, Oswald Van Cleemput, Daan Beheydt, Pascal Boeckx, Stefaan De Neve, George Hofman, Nancy Van Camp, Inge Vande Walle, Roeland Samson, Kris Verheyen, Raoul Lemeur and Lucien Carlier

Soil organic-matter stocks and characteristics along an Alpine elevation gradient (pages 30–38)
Ika Djukic, Franz Zehetner, Michael Tatzber and Martin H. Gerzabek

Carbon stocks of soil and vegetation on Danubian floodplains (pages 644–653)
Arne Cierjacks, Birgit Kleinschmit, Maren Babinsky, Fritz Kleinschroth, Arvid Markert, Markus Menzel, Ulrike Ziechmann, Theresa Schiller, Markus Graf and Friederike Lang

Soil organic-carbon and total nitrogen stocks as affected by different land uses in Baden-Württemberg (southwest Germany) (pages 32–42)
Haiqing Chen, Sven Marhan, Norbert Billen and Karl Stahr

Black carbon in wildfire-affected shrubland Mediterranean soils (pages 43–52)
Pere Rovira, Beatriz Duguy and V. Ramón Vallejo

Acidity, nutrient stocks, and organic-matter content in soils of a temperate deciduous forest with different abundance of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) (pages 500–511)
Anja Guckland, Mascha Jacob, Heiner Flessa, Frank M. Thomas and Christoph Leuschner

Organic-carbon and nitrogen stocks and organic-carbon fractions in soil under mixed pine and oak forest stands of different ages in NE Germany (pages 654–661)
Eduardo S. Matos, Dirk Freese, Anna Śla̧zak, Ute Bachmann, Maik Veste and Reinhard F. Hüttl

Soil-organic-matter stability in sandy cropland soils is related to land-use history (pages 19–29)
Steven Sleutel, Mohammed Abdul Kader, Shamim Ara Begum and Stefaan De Neve

Conversion of cropland into grassland: Implications for soil organic-carbon stocks in two soils with different texture (pages 53–62)
Axel Don, Thomas Scholten and Ernst-Detlef Schulze