Chemie Ingenieur Technik

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Online ISSN: 1522-2640

Associated Title(s): Chemical Engineering & Technology, ChemBioEng Reviews, Energy Technology


Microstructured Channel Systems

Microstructured Channel SystemsContinuous synthesis in microstructured channel systems for (homogenous) liquid phases is offering a wide range of advantages compared to conventional reactions conducted in batch vessels. For an ideal reaction performance in a microreaction system (containing the microreactor and the residence time unit) a consistent residence time distribution (RTD) is essential. In order to obtain an optimized RTD, a variety of parameters have to be taken into account with special focus on the interaction of channel width and length. In this contribution we outline the application of numeric methods for the calculation of the RTD in micro channels. The calculation method is directly transferable to other capillary diameters and different reaction conditions in the micro channels. The calculation method is based on the assumption that axial concentration gradients are negligible due to accelerated radial diffusion rates. Based on these calculated values, a sequential operating microreaction system was developed (SEQUOSTM). The extensive applicability of these results from the RTD calculation (and the instrument build on it) has been demonstrated in an application example. A library of 20 compounds was automatically synthesized using Grignard reactions.

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