Helvetica Chimica Acta

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Editor in Chief: Jeffrey W. Bode, Christophe Copéret

Online ISSN: 1522-2675

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Series in Organic Stereochemistry

The January issue 2013 of Helvetica Chimica Acta initiates a general presentation of Organic Stereochemistry comprising a series of eight Parts to be published in succession. The general focus of this Work is twofold, namely:

  • A presentation of the guiding principles in organic stereochemistry.
  • Four Parts focusing on the biomedical relevance of stereochemistry, with special reference to the biochemistry and pharmacology of medicinal compounds.

We wish our readers an enjoyable and inspiring experience!

Organic Stereochemistry: Guiding Principles and Bio-Medicinal Relevance. A General Introduction to the Series

Part 1: Symmetry Elements and Operations, Classification of Stereoisomers

Part 2: Stereoisomerism Resulting from One or Several Stereogenic Centers

Part 3: Other Stereogenic Elements: Axes of Chirality, Planes of Chirality, Helicity, and (E,Z)-Diastereoisomerism

Part 4: Isomerisms about Single Bonds and in Cyclic Systems

Part 5: Stereoselectivity in Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Part 6: The Conformation Factor in Molecular Pharmacology

Part 7: The Concept of Substrate Stereoselectivity in Biochemistry and Xenobiotic Metabolism

Part 8: Prostereoisomerism and the Concept of Product Stereoselectivity in Biochemistry and Xenobiotic Metabolism

Molecular Chirality in Chemistry and Biology: Historical Milestones