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Editor-in-Chief: Ziad El Rassi

Impact Factor: 2.744

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 24/76 (Chemistry Analytical); 32/78 (Biochemical Research Methods)

Online ISSN: 1522-2683

Associated Title(s): Journal of Separation Science

31_08/2010Cover Picture: Electrophoresis 8' 2010

Issue no. 8 is a regular issue comprising 19 manuscripts distributed over four distinct parts. Part I is on proteins and proteomics and has 5 articles; Part II is on nucleic acids with 5 articles on DNA purification, sequencing, genotyping and differential gene expression; Part III has 4 articles on droplet dispensing and particle separation; Part IV is on various methodologies and applications assembling 5 articles on improved sample preparation method for glycan analysis by CE, measurement of intracellular accumulation chemotherapeutic drugs in cancerous cells, metabolic monitoring in microfluidic cell arrays, microchip electrophoresis for continuous monitoring of microdialysis samples, and determination of glyphosate and its metabolites in plant materials by CE.

Featured articles include:

Delta2D and Proteomweaver: Performance evaluation of two different approaches for two-dimensional electrophoresis analysis

A Multidimensional Electrophoretic System of Separation for the Analysis of Gene Expression (MESSAGE)

Particle trapping using dielectrophoretically patterned carbon nanotubes

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