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Editor-in-Chief: Ziad El Rassi

Impact Factor: 2.482

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 26/75 (Chemistry Analytical); 38/77 (BIOCHEMICAL RESEARCH METHODS)

Online ISSN: 1522-2683

Associated Title(s): Journal of Separation Science


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Issue no. 1 is the yearly “Reviews” issue, containing 17 critical and comprehensive review articles on many timely topics in the field including CE at the omics level, CE and CEC of amino acid and peptides, liquid phase separation systems for in-depth proteomics analysis, microfluidic surface modification, role of microchip electrophoresis in clinical analysis, forensic sciences, CE and CEC of antibiotics, food analysis and foodomics, CE and CEC of phytochemicals and natural products, CE of inorganic species, EMMA in enzymatic and derivatization reactions, enantioseparations by CE, coupling of solid phase extraction to CE, and organic monoliths for hydrophilic interaction electrochromatography, and immunoaffinity chromatography. This issue opens up the thirty-third volume of the Journal with a collection of very important review articles.

Featured articles include:

Growing trend of CE at the omics level: The frontier of systems biology – An update

Liquid-phase-based separation systems for depletion, prefractionation and enrichment of proteins in biological fluids and matrices for in-depth proteomics analysis – An update covering the period 2008–2011

Surface modification for PDMS-based microfluidic devices

Recent advances in miniaturisation – The role of microchip electrophoresis in clinical analysis

Recent advances in the application of capillary electromigration methods for food analysis and Foodomics

CE of inorganic species – A review of methodological advancements over 2009–2010

Recent approaches in sensitive enantioseparations by CE

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