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Editor-in-Chief: Ziad El Rassi

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 24/76 (Chemistry Analytical); 24/76 (CHEMISTRY ANALYTICAL); 32/78 (BIOCHEMICAL RESEARCH METHODS)

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Associated Title(s): Journal of Separation Science

29_22/2008Cover Picture: Electrophoresis 22'2008

Regular issues provide a wide range of research and review articles covering all aspects of electrophoresis. Here you will find cutting-edge articles on methods and theory, instrumentation, nucleic acids, CE and CEC, miniaturization and microfluidics, proteomics and two-dimensional electrophoresis.

Selected topics of issue 22 are:

Microfluidics: Applications for analytical purposes in chemistry and biochemistry ((http://doi.wiley.com/10.1002/elps.200800121))

Simultaneous laser-induced fluorescence and retro-reflected beam interference detection for CE ((http://doi.wiley.com/10.1002/elps.200800292))

Quantitative Proteomics by Fluorescent Labeling of Cysteine Residues using a Set of Two Cyanine-based or Three Rhodamine-based Dyes ((http://doi.wiley.com/10.1002/elps.200800092))

Chemometric resolution of fully overlapped capillary electrophoresis peaks: quantitation of carbamazepine in human serum in the presence of several interferences ((http://doi.wiley.com/10.1002/elps.200800400))

Identification of inorganic ions in post-blast explosive residues using portable capillary electrophoresis instrumentation and capacitively-coupled contactless conductivity detection ((http://doi.wiley.com/10.1002/elps.200800226))

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