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Editor-in-Chief: Stephen O. Duke

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Most Cited

These are the most cited articles published in Pest Management Science from 2012 to 2013. The data has been compiled from Thomson ISI Web of Science®. Last updated March 2014.

  1. The non-target impact of spinosyns on beneficial arthropods
    Antonio Biondi, Veerle Mommaerts, Guy Smagghe, Elisa Viñuela, Lucia Zappalà, Nicolas Desneux
    Volume 68, Issue 12, pages 1523–1536, December 2012
  2. Why have no new herbicide modes of action appeared in recent years?
    Stephen O Duke
    Volume 68, Issue 4, pages 505–512, April 2012
  3. Rationale for a natural products approach to herbicide discovery
    Franck E Dayan, Daniel K Owens, Stephen O Duke
    Volume 68, Issue 4, pages 519–528, April 2012
  4. Dietary traces of neonicotinoid pesticides as a cause of population declines in honey bees: an evaluation by Hill's epidemiological criteria
    James E Cresswell, Nicolas Desneux, Dennis vanEngelsdorp
    Volume 68, Issue 6, pages 819–827, June 2012
  5. What have the mechanisms of resistance to glyphosate taught us?
    Dale L Shaner, Richard Bradley Lindenmeyer, Michael H Ostlie
    Volume 68, Issue 1, pages 3–9, January 2012
  6. Prospects for the biological control of Tuta absoluta in tomatoes of the Mediterranean basin
    Alberto Urbaneja1, Joel González-Cabrera, Judit Arnó, Rosa Gabarra
    Volume 68, Issue 9, pages 1215–1222, September 2012
  7. EPSPS gene amplification in glyphosate-resistant Italian ryegrass (Lolium perenne ssp multiflorum) from Arkansas
    Reiofeli A Salas, Franck E Dayan, Zhiqiang Pan, Susan B Watson, James W Dickson, Robert C Scott, Nilda R Burgos1
    Volume 68, Issue 9, pages 1223–1230, September 2012
  8. Fate and transport of glyphosate and aminomethylphosphonic acid in surface waters of agricultural basins
    Richard H Coupe, Stephen J Kalkhoff, Paul D Capel, Caroline Gregoire
    Volume 68, Issue 1, pages 16–30, January 2012
  9. Systemic resistance induced in Arabidopsis thaliana by Trichoderma asperellum SKT-1, a microbial pesticide of seedborne diseases of rice
    Yohei Yoshioka, Haruki Ichikawa, Hushna Ara Naznin, Atsushi Kogure, Mitsuro Hyakumachi
    Volume 68, Issue 1, pages 60–66, January 2012
  10. Molecular characterization of boscalid- and penthiopyrad-resistant isolates of Didymella bryoniae and assessment of their sensitivity to fluopyram
    Hervé F Avenot, Anna Thomas, Ronald D Gitaitis, David B Langston Jr, Katherine L Stevenson
    Volume 68, Issue 4, pages 645–651, April 2012
  11. On the mode of action of the herbicides cinmethylin and 5-benzyloxymethyl-1, 2-isoxazolines: putative inhibitors of plant tyrosine aminotransferase
    Klaus Grossmann, Johannes Hutzler, Stefan Tresch, Nicole Christiansen, Ralf Looser, Thomas Ehrhardt
    Volume 68, Issue 3, pages 482–492, March 2012