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Edited By: Sally A. Moody

Online ISSN: 1526-968X

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Virtual Issue: Mouse Genetics and Development

This compilation of research articles and technology reports illustrates numerous recent advances in mouse developmental genetic tools that will be of great benefit to the research community. The Mouse Genetics and Development virtual issue articles are freely available online and will be updated periodically.

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Fly Genetics and Development

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Special Issue:
Left-Right Asymmetry: Advances and Enigmas


This Special Issue encompasses recent research from invertebrates to mammals addressing how the left-right axis is established and maintained, how internal organs become morphologically asymmetric, and the neuroanatomical basis for lateralized behaviors. The goal is to highlight recent advances as well as outstanding controversies on the origins of left-right asymmetry and its functional significance.

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Special Issue:
The Developmental Biology of Sea Urchins: Forefronts and Recent Advances


In this special issue of genesis: The Journal of Genetics and Development, we focus on reviews of recent studies on early embryonic patterning, cell interactions, morphogenesis, and the evolution of developmental processes that highlight the enduring strength of sea urchins as an experimental model.

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Chick Genomics

Xenopus Genetics,Genomics and Cell Biology

Live Imaging

Craniofacial Development

Chordate Origins and Evolution

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genesisCRISPr/Cas (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats-assiciated) technologies can be employed to induce targeted genetic mutation. In back-to-back articles published in genesis, Blitz et al. and Nakayama et al. each report CRISPr/Cas targeted transgenesis of Xenopus tropicalis pigmentation and eye development genes.

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genesis Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s genesis award winners!

Dr. Chi Wai Lee, Department of Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, is the recipient of a genesis travel award to present her work on "Xenopus tissue culture for the study of human myasthenia gravis pathogenesis" at the 7th Aquatic Animal Models of Human Disease Conference in Austin Texas (December 2014). Maysthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease that affects the development and maintenance of neuromuscular junctions, the synapse between motoneurons and muscle cells.

Congratulations to the winner of this year's genesis poster award at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology (July 2014)! Nanbing Li, from Lila Solnica-Krezel's laboratory at Washington University at St. Louis, MO, USA, was the recipient for her illuminating poster, “dchs1b mediates early morphogenesis and cell fate specification in zebrafish through regulation of actin and microtubule cytoskeleton”. Nanbing is a graduate student in the Developmental, Regenerative, and Stem Cell Biology Program.