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  1. Editorial

    Sandra Kalveram

    Article first published online: 17 DEC 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/adem.201400537

  2. Robust Superamphiphobic Nanoscale Copper Sheet Surfaces Produced by a Simple and Environmentally Friendly Technique

    Khedir R. Khedir, Zubayda S. Saifaldeen, Taha M. Demirkan, Alaa A. Al-Hilo, Matthew P. Brozak and Tansel Karabacak

    Article first published online: 10 DEC 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/adem.201400397

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    A novel, simple, and environmentally friendly technique of hot water treatment is used to introduce copper oxide nanostructures onto copper sheet surfaces. Analysis reveals that nanostructures are made of either cube-like Cu2O or leaf-like CuO. After surface energy reduction, superamphiphobic nanoscale copper sheet surfaces are obtained. The surfaces also show a high physical and chemical robustness.

  3. Effect of High-Energy Electropulsing on the Phase Transition and Mechanical Properties of Two-Phase Titanium Alloy Strips

    Xiaoxin Ye, Zion T. H. Tse, Guoyi Tang and Guolin Song

    Article first published online: 10 DEC 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/adem.201400273

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    Rapid electropulsing-induced phase precipitation and ductility improvement are found in the two-phase Ti–6Al–4V alloy strips. The microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of this metallic material under the unique processing method are characterized and measured.

  4. Strain Gradient in Micro-Hardness Testing and Structural Relaxation in Metallic Glasses

    Yannick Champion and Loïc Perrière

    Article first published online: 9 DEC 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/adem.201400423

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    Depth (h)-dependence of micro-hardness (Hv) is studied for the Zr55Cu20Al10Ni10Ti5 (figure) Ni53Nb20Zr8Ti10Co6Cu3 and Mg65Cu12.5Ni12.5MM10 metallic glasses, after thermal annealing and a modeling is proposed to describe observations. We show that hardness systematically decreases with annealing and emphasize the role of the shear bands and the elastic properties of the glass in the analyzed effects.

  5. Relevance of Carbon Dioxide Laser to Remove Scratches on Large Fused Silica Polished Optics

    Philippe Cormont, Antoine Bourgeade, Sandy Cavaro, Thierry Donval, Thomas Doualle, Gael Gaborit, Laurent Gallais, Laurent Lamaignère and Jean-Luc Rullier

    Article first published online: 9 DEC 2014 | DOI: 10.1002/adem.201400383

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    A carbon dioxide (CO2) laser is used to remove a long scratch on a fused silica window, which can be seen on the picture. This laser treatment is applied only locally on the scratch to melt the silica surface. After processing, the scratch is not visible anymore and the window is much more resistant to high power laser illumination.