8_03/2006Cover Picture: Residual Stresses, Thermomechanical Behavior and Interfaces in the Weld Joint of Ni-based Superalloys (Adv. Eng. Mater. 3/2006)

The cover shows in the background a typical X-ray polychromatic microdiffraction (PXM) image obtained from the heat affected zone of a Ni-based superalloy weld with strong plastic deformation, while the inserts show a PXM image of the nondeformed material (upper insert) and the strong oscillations of the geometrically necessary dislocation slip systems and densities across the weld (lower inserts). More about X-ray polychromatic microdiffraction together with orientation imaging microscopy, electron scanning microscopy, and optical microscopy for studying residual stresses, thermomechanical behavior and interfaces in the weld joint of Ni-based superalloys can be found in the paper by O. M. Barabash et al on page 202.

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