9_07/2007Cover Picture: The Innovation Potential of Bulk Nanostructured Materials (Adv. Eng. Mater. 7/2007)

The cover demonstrates the innovation potential of bulk nanostructured materials obtained by severe plastic deformation (SPD) in various industrial sectors. The microstructure of Al wire processed by continuous SPD processing in ECAP-Conform together with a schematic illustration of an ECAP-Conform set-up are shown in the background. Further information about the perspectives of commercialization of bulk nanostructured materials produced by SPD processing can be found in the review paper by R. Z. Valiev et al. on page 527.

The innovation potential is high for bulk nanostructured materials (BNM) produced by methods of severe plastic deformation and accordingly this report focuses on very recent developments demonstrating the potential of using BNM for advanced and functional applications in engineering and medicine.

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