10_04/2008Cover Picture: Directional Atomic Rearrangements During Transformations Between the α- and γ-Phases in Titanium Aluminides (Adv. Eng. Mater. 4/2008)

Making movies in-situ at glowing temperatures up to 1300 °C through a microscope (false color image) and from two-dimensional X-ray diffraction (movie frames) reveal the lattice correlations, gradients and intermediate structures during phase transformations in titanium aluminide. A quenched, α2-rich γ-based TiAl first approaches its equilibrium by α2 [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] γ on a heating ramp, disorders α2 [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] α and then evolves reversely γ [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] α, which are morphologically different processes. More details can be found in the article by K.-D. Liss et al. on page 389.

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