11_05b/2009Novel Rice-shaped Bioactive Ceramic Nanoparticles (Adv. Eng. Mater. 5/2009)

The cover of Advanced Biomaterials shows Rice-shaped bioactive ceramic nanoparticles with 70 nm in average diameter and around 200 nm in length were produced by an improved sol-gel method. In comparison to most traditional bioactive glass/ceramic materials this novel bioactive ceramic contains a significant lower quantity of silicon and higher content of phosphorous. In vitro bioactivity test showed that this new class of materials can induce the deposition of an apatite layer from SBF solution, having potential to be used in both conventional orthopedic applications or in bone tissue engineering when incorporated in composite scaffolds. More information can be found in the article of J. F. Mano et al. on page B25.

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