Advanced Engineering Materials

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11_08/2009In Situ Observation of Dynamic Recrystallization in the Bulk of Zirconium Alloy (Adv. Eng. Mater. 8/2009)

The cover shows the in-situ diffraction setup. A fine synchrotron beam transmits the sample situated in a (heated) load frame and scatters into Debye-Scherrer cones. Large crystallites map onto spots onto the 2D detector rather than continuous rings. In the background, the intensity distribution of one selected reflection - here beta-Zr 110 - is plotted in color scale as a function of azimuthal angle (horizontal axis) and time (vertical axis) revealing the different states during thermo-mechanical processing. More details can be found in the article by K.-D. Liss on page 637.

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