Past Cover Pictures 1999

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Dec., 1999

AEM 3-4/99

Cover: The cover shows the top view of a functionally designed 3-3 mullite-Al composite. In his article on page 199
A. Bandyopadhyay describes the fabrication of 3-3 mullite-Al composites via fased deposition processes.



Oct., 1999

AEM 2/99

Cover: The cover shows the macroporous nature of a cast CoCr implant coated with hydroxyapatite (BIOLOX-Osprovit, Source ESKA, Lübeck Germany). The figure is taken from the article from G. Willmann (CeramTec AG, Germany). The coating enhances the interaction of the implant with newly formed natural bone.

AEM 1/99

Cover: A metallocene catalyst for olefin polymerization
Dow special issue

Sept., 1999

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