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TCR Lecture

TCR Lecture

2014 TCR Lecturer: Scott A. Snyder (The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, USA)

Title of 2014 TCR Lecture: Exploring Chemoselectivity through Natural Product Total Synthesis (March 28, 2014, at Nagoya Univ.)

See the full history of the TCR Lecture and more details on this year's lecture here.

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The "Records and Challenges" platform of The Chemical Record describes both world records and future challenges in chemistry – the "Record of Records" offers an archived overview of continually updated world records in chemistry.

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The highest coordination number for any metal center was reported for a porous vanadosilicate material that forms a hexadeca-coordinated complex with Cs+ ions.

See: A Novel Vanadosilicate with Hexadeca-Coordinated Cs+ Ions as a Highly Effective Cs+ Remover
Shuvo Jit Datta, Won Kyung Moon, Do Young Choi, In Chul Hwang, Kyung Byung Yoon
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2014, 53, 7203.