Irrigation and Drainage

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Edited By: Kristoph-Dietrich Kinzli, P. E. and Prof. Jiusheng Li

Online ISSN: 1531-0361

Just Published Articles

  1. Learning from Experiences of Ancient Subak Schemes for Participatory Irrigation System Management in Bali

    M.I. Yekti, B. Schultz, I.N. Norken, A.H.A. Gany and L. Hayde

    Version of Record online: 30 MAR 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/ird.2122

  2. Stochastic Dynamic Programming-Based Approach for Optimal Irrigation Scheduling under Restricted Water Availability Conditions

    S. Anvari, S.J. Mousavi and S. Morid

    Version of Record online: 21 MAR 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/ird.2130

  3. Comparison of PIV Experiment and Numerical Simulation on the Velocity Distribution of Intermediate Pressure Jets with Different Nozzle Parameters

    Yue Jiang, Hong Li, Qingjiang Xiang and Chao Chen

    Version of Record online: 21 MAR 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/ird.2133

  4. Improving Modelling of Discharge Coefficient of Triangular Labyrinth Lateral Weirs Using SVM, GMDH and MARS Techniques

    Abbas Parsaie and Amir Hamzeh Haghiabi

    Version of Record online: 19 MAR 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/ird.2125

  5. Drip Irrigation with Sewage Effluent Increased Salt Accumulation in Soil, Depressed Sap Flow, and Increased Yield of Tomato

    Yanfeng Li, Jiusheng Li and Jiangli Wen

    Version of Record online: 16 MAR 2017 | DOI: 10.1002/ird.2132


Best Paper Award 2016


Congratulations to Ludivine Pradeleix, Philippe Roux, Sami Bouarfa, Bochra Jaouani, Zohra Lili-Chabaane and Veronique Bellon-Maurel who have been selected for the Best Paper Award 2016, for papers published in 2015. Environmental Impacts of Contrasted Groundwater Pumping Systems Assessed by Life Cycle Assessment Methodology: Contribution to the Water–Energy Nexus Study

Irrigation and Drainage

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Impacts of man-Induced Changes in Land use and Climate Change on Living in Coastal and Deltaic Areas
by Bart Schultz

Sea level rise due to climate change is presented as one of our biggest problems. The reality is quite different and generally insufficiently taken into account in decision-making. 80–90% of the population growth takes place in urban areas that are located in coastal and deltaic regions. In the majority of these areas there is land subsidence with a much larger impact than sea level rise. Commonly, inadequate measures are taken to reduce the risk of flooding. Based on newly available data, trends and forecasts, the relevant aspects and their impacts are presented in this paper, together with a future outlook.

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2015 Editor's Choice

These papers have been selected based on their innovative character, as well as on their importance for global food production and improvement of governance with respect to water management systems and flood protection provisions. They illustrate the spectrum and global spreading of topics that are dealt with in Irrigation and Drainage as one of the leading journals in the fields of water management and flood protection. The authors belong to the top experts in the sector and are well recognised by their colleagues.

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