Irrigation and Drainage

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Edited By: Kristoph-Dietrich Kinzli, P. E. and Prof. Jiusheng Li

Online ISSN: 1531-0361

Editor's Choice

The papers shown under Editor’s choice have been selected based on their innovative character, as well as on their importance for global food production and improvement of governance with respect to water management systems and flood protection provisions. They illustrate the spectrum and global spreading of topics that are dealt with in Irrigation and Drainage as one of the leading journals in the fields of water management and flood protection. The authors belong to the top experts in the sector and are well recognised by their colleagues.

Water, food and energy supply chains for a green economy by Willem F. Vlotman and Clarke Ballard (issue 63.2, Wiley-Blackwell best paper award 2015)

Integrated Management Tool for Water, Crop, Soil and N-Fertilizers: The SALTMED Model by Ragab Ragab (issue 64.1)

Performance assessment for irrigation water management: case study of the Great Chao Phraya Irrigation Project by Wimolpat Bumbudsanpharoke and Somkiat Prajamwong (issue 64.2)

Participatory irrigation management practices in Azerbaijan and future development needs by Mehman Ağarza Oğlu Rzayev (issue 64.3)

Role of women in the irrigated agriculture sector in the Fergana Valley: findings of field surveys by Galina V. Stulina (issue 64.4)

The ratio controller for regulation of turnout flow rate by Blair L. Stringam and Tony L. Wahl (issue 64.1)

Water Distribution of Traditional Karez Irrigation Systems in Afghanistan by M. J. Khan, G. Pacha, M. Shahzad Khattak and R. Oad (issue 64.2)

Analysing Climate Change Impacts on Water Productivity of Cropping Systems in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia by Yinhong Kang, Shahbaz Khan and Xiaoyi Ma (issue 64.4)

Subsurface Drainage-What's Next by James E. Ayars and Robert G. Evans (issue 64.3)

Assessment of water salinity effect on physical clogging of synthetic drainage envelopes by permeability tests by A. Hassanoghli and S. Pedram (issue 64.1)