The Laryngoscope

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How I Do It


An Electronic Interface to Routinize Outcomes Assessment and Streamline Clinic Workflow
Jennifer J. Shin

Use of 2-octylcyanoacrylate in Cartilage Interposition Adherence During Ossiculoplasty
Kyle P. McMullen, Michael S. Harris, Edward E. Dodson

Auricular Epithesis: How I Do It
Dubravko Manestar, Sven Maričić, Dean Komljenović, Damir Miletić, Antonija Ružić Baršić, Emanuel Borović

Managing Blocked Foley Catheter Balloons when Removing Posterior Nasal Packs in Epistaxis Patients
Jonathan R. Abbas, Sanjeet Agrawal

Endoscopic-assisted Transmastoid Decompression of Petrous Apex Cholesterol Granuloma
Daniel A. Carlton, Alfred Marc C. Iloreta, Sujana S. Chandrasekhar

Tracheocutaneous Fistula Repair with Autologous Auricular Cartilage Cap Graft
Robert J. Yawn, James R. Yawn, Alexander Gelbard, Christopher T. Wootten

Removal of Intranasal Hairpin at the Bedside: Two Adult Cases
Mira A. Patel, David J. Mener

Management of a Non-Healing Forehead Wound with a Novel Frontalis-Pericranial Flap and a Full Thickness Skin Graft
Marcela Osorio, Sami P. Moubayed, Elliot Weiss, Mark L. Urken

Pull-Through Sialodochoplasty for Stensen's Megaduct
Jessica A. Kandl, Adrian A. Ong, M. Boyd Gillespie

New Instrumentation in Endoscopic Medial Orbital Decompression
Rohit Garg, Rickul Varshney, Jivianne T. Lee, Kenneth Krantz, David B. Keschner

Contour and Osteotomy of Free Fibula Transplant using a Ruler Template.
Stephen Y. Kang, Matthew O. Old, Theodoros N. Teknos

Endoscopic Resection of Maxillary Sinus Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumors
Jonnae Y. Barry, Christopher H. Le, Jessica Baumann, Linda Skinker, Alexander G. Chiu, Eugene H. Chang

An Innovative Photographic Database for Cutaneous Facial Defects
Matthew Q. Miller, Shefali R. Rikhi, Stephen S. Park, John J. Christophel

Endolaryngeal Suture Technique Using a Silicon Piece: a Fast and Convenient Method
Tack-Kyun Kwon, Ye Ji Shim, Hee Young Son, Ik Joon Choi

Infrared Videoangiographic Assessment of Cochlear Nerve Vasculature during Middle Fossa Surgery
Nicolas-Xavier Bonne, Michaël Risoud, Eric P. Wilkinson, Rabih Aboukais, Marc Baroncini, Jean-Paul Lejeune, Christophe Vincent

Simulators and Models for Laryngeal Laser Surgery and Laser Myringotomy
Ching Yee Chan, David Pang Cheng Lau

Canal Wall Reconstruction and Conductive Hearing Preservation for Temporal Bone Paraganglioma
Danielle S. Hoyne, Sarah E. Mowry, and Marlan R. Hansen

Temporoparietal Fascia Flap “Sandwich” Technique for Repair of Near-Total Traumatic Auricle Avulsion
Derek Kai Kong, Christopher A. Schutt, and Saral Mehra

Novel Application of the Sonopet for Endoscopic Posterior Split and Cartilage Graft Laryngoplasty
Robert J. Yawn, James J. Daniero, Alexander Gelbard, and Christopher T. Wootten


The Role of Surgery in the Management of Phantosmia
David K. Morrissey, Upasna Pratap, Christopher Brown, Peter-John Wormald,

Posterior Fontanelle Approach for Uncinectomy and Middle Meatal Antrostomy in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Hong Joong Kim, Jae-Cheul Ahn, Seung-No Hong, Woo Hyun Lee, Jeong-Whun Kim

Medialization Thyroplasty under Intubation Anaesthesia to Restore the Voice after Cordectomy
Enrique Zapater, Natsuki Oishi, Rosa Hernández, Jorge Basterra

Proximal Bronchial Balloon Dilation for Embedded Distal Airway Foreign Bodies
Julie E. Strychowsky, David W. Roberson, Thomas Martin, Jason Smithers, Heather Herrington

“Mailbox Slot” Pericranial Flap for Endoscopic Skull Base Reconstruction
Jacques Majer, Philippe Herman, Benjamin Verillaud

Repair of the Foramen of Huschke using an Extended Endaural Approach
Myung Hoon Yoo, Jun Woo Park, Hwan Seo Lee, Chan Joo Yang, Hong Ju Park

Simulators and Models for Laryngeal Laser Surgery and Laser Myringotomy
Ching Yee Chan, David Pang Cheng Lau

Endoscopic Endonasal Anterior Maxillotomy
Smita Upadhyay, Ricardo L. L. Dolci, Lamia Buohliqah, Daniel M. Prevedello, Bradley A. Otto, and Ricardo L. Carrau

Piriform Aperture Enlargement for Nasal Obstruction
Sudeep Roy, Alfred M. C. Iloreta, Lucas M. Bryant, Howard D. Krein, Edmund A. Pribitkin, and Ryan N. Heffelfinger

Selective Reinnervation for Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis Using the Superior Laryngeal Nerve
Michael I. Orestes, Dinesh K. Chhetri, and Gerald Berke

Using Google Glass to Solve Communication and Surgical Education Challenges in the Operating Room
Omid Moshtaghi, Kanwar S. Kelley, JD, William B. Armstrong, Yaser Ghavami, Jeffery Gu, Hamid R. Djalilian

Direct Parasagittal Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Internal Auditory Canal to Determine Cochlear or Auditory Brainstem Implant Candidacy in Children
Kimberley S. Noij, Aaron K. Remenschneider, Elliott D. Kozin, Sidharth Puram, Barbara Herrmann, Michael Cohen, Mary Beth Cunnane and Daniel J. Lee

Sedation After Airway Reconstruction in Children: A Protocol to Reduce Withdrawal and Length of Stay
Karen R. Fauman, Rashed Durgham, Carlos I. Duran, Mark A. Vecchiotti and Andrew R. Scott

Technical Tip for Difficult Injection Laryngoplasty: The Use of a Hypodermic Needle as a Retractor
Sharan Chakkyath Jayaram and Declan Costello

Transoral Mandibulectomy and Double Barrel Fibular Flap Reconstruction
Adam S. Jacobson, Erin Alpert, Mark Persky, Devin Okay, Daniel Buchbinder and Cathy Lazarus

Minimally invasive management of tracheoesophageal fistula with T-tube
Christopher Tran, Daniel S. Fink, Melda Kunduk, Andrew J. McWhorter

Posterior Auricular Artery Fasciocutaneous Island Flap: Lateral Temporal Soft Tissue Reconstruction
Benjamin P. Caughlin, Miriam Redleaf

Oxygen Flow During Pediatric Laryngoscopy – A Simple Solution
Kevin D. Pereira, Amal Isaiah

Medicinal Honey as Treatment for Skin Reactions Associated with Bone Anchored Hearing Implant Surgery
Erynne A. Faucett, Saranya Reghunathan and Abraham Jacob

Safety and Efficacy of Office-based Transoral Flexible Laryngoscopy in Infants
Sonya J. Wexler and Glenn Isaacson

Hydrogel Sutureless Facial Nerve Repair: Pilot Clinical Investigation
Nathan E. Pierce, Jeremiah A. Alt and Patrick J. Antonelli

Bioabsorbable Plate Cranial Base Reconstruction
Nicholas J. Potter, Scott M. Graham, Eugene H. Chang and Jeremy D. W. Greenlee

Transoral Arytenoid Adduction with Minimal Cervical Incision
Minsu Kwon and Seung-Ho Choi

VOCALSS: Versatile Optimally Constructed Aid for Laryngeal Surgery Simulation
Allen Foulad, Peggy Bui, Seth H. Dailey and Sunil P. Verma

Hyaluronidase Injection for the Treatment of Facial and Neck Hematomas
Ryan E. Nelson, John M. Carter and Thomas H. M. Moulthropn

A Staged Thyroidectomy Approach for Gastric Bypass Patients
Zhen Gooi, Bryan K. Ward, David J. Mener, Ozan B. Ozgursoy and Sara I. Pai

Pedicled Parathyroid Gland Autotransposition in Secondary and Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism
Tom Shokri, Susie Q. Lew and Nader Sadeghi

Use of Silastic Sheets with Mattress-fashion Sutures for the Treatment of Otohematoma
Yoon C. Rah and Min-Hyun Park

Efficacy of Covering Mucosal Defects with Polyglycolic Acid Sheets After Ear or Nose Surgery
Yasushi Ota, Yoshihiro Ikemiyagi, Katsumi Takizawa, Chikako Yamada, Ryoko Rikitake and Mitsuya Suzuki

To Drill or to Chisel? – A Long-Term Follow-up Study of 92 Exostectomy Procedures in the UK
George Barrett, Natalie Ronan, Ewen Cowan and Philip Flanagan

A Novel Method for Autograft Placement During Tegmen Repair: The Suture “Pull-through” Technique
Alex D. Sweeney, Matthew L. Carlson, David S. Haynes, Reid C. Thompson, Lola B. Chambless, George B. Wanna and Alejandro Rivas


Modified glabellar rhytid incision for frontal sinus trephination
Brian A. Fishero, Philip G. Chen and Spencer C. Payne

Closure technique for labyrinthine fistula by “underwater” endoscopic ear surgery
Daisuke Yamauchi, Muneharu Yamazaki, Jun Ohta, Seiichi Kadowaki, Kazuhiro Nomura, Hiroshi Hidaka, Takeshi Oshima, Tetsuaki Kawase and Yukio Katori

Endoscopic transnasal shim technique for treatment of patulous eustachian tube
Brian Rotenberg and Benjamin Davidson

Acquired tracheal dilatation after prolonged ventilation: An unusual treatment option
Marco Giudice, Stefania Gallo, Marco P. Maffioli, Giulio Minoja, Giuseppe Mazzi, Surendra Narne and Paolo Castelnuovo

Domiciliary floseal prevents admission for epistaxis in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
Laura Warner, Jane Halliday, Karen James and John de Carpentier

How to prevent diplopia in endoscopic transnasal resection of tumors involving the medial orbital wall
Apostolos Karligkiotis, Mario C. Appiani, Benjamin Verillaud and Philippe Herman

Use of the video-laryngoscope (GlideScope) in vocal fold injection medialization
Nazaneen N. Grant, Michael A. Holliday and Roberta Lima

Endoscopic clip for closure of persistent Tracheoesophageal fistula in an infant
Apostolos Karligkiotis, Mario C. Appiani, Benjamin Verillaud and Philippe Herman

Ultrasonic surgical aspirator-assisted phonosurgery: A novel technique for laryngeal cartilage dissection
James J. Daniero, Joseph R. Spiegel, Robert M. Brody and Michael G. Fickes

An affordable model for endolaryngeal phonomicrosurgery: Chicken wings and foam pipe insulation tube
Tuomas Klockars and Teemu J. Kinnari

A new device to improve the location of a montgomery thyroplasty prosthesis
Enrique Zapater, Ainhoa García-Lliberós, Isabel López, Rosa Moreno and Jorge Basterra

Combined extracapsular and intracapsular tonsillectomy: Lower pole capsule preservation
Yoon-Jong Ryu, Jee-Hye Wee, Woo-Hyun Lee, Jihye Rhee and Jeong-Whun Kim

Simulation-based otorhinolaryngology emergencies boot camp: Part 1: Curriculum design and airway skills
Kelly M. Malloy, Sonya Malekzadeh and Ellen S. Deutsch

Simulation-based otorhinolaryngology emergencies boot camp: Part 2: Special skills using task trainers
Sonya Malekzadeh, Ellen S. Deutsch and Kelly M. Malloy

Simulation-based otorhinolaryngology emergencies boot camp: Part 3: Complex teamwork scenarios and conclusions
Ellen S. Deutsch, Kelly M. Malloy and Sonya Malekzadeh

Endoscopic-assisted repair of superior canal dehiscence syndrome
Margaret S. Carter, Sarah Lookabaugh and Daniel J. Lee

Transnasal endoscopic resection of symptomatic ecchordosis physaliphora
Andrea Bolzoni-Villaret, Roberto Stefini, Marco Fontanella, Marco Bottazzoli, Mario Turri Zanoni, Andrea Pistochini, Paolo Castelnuovo and Piero Nicolai

The perforation technique: A modification to the frontal sinus osteoplastic flap
David Y. Healy Jr, Donald A. Leopold, Stacey T. Gray and Eric H. Holbrook

An inexpensive blue filter for fluorescein-assisted repair of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea
Narinder P. Singh and David N. Roberts

Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma resection: Novel technique to improve posterior/inferior margin control
Ameet Kamat, Gregg H. Goldstein and David W. Kennedy

Epiglottopexy with and without lingual tonsillectomy
Karin P. Q. Oomen and Vikash K. Modi

Otolaryngologist-assisted fluoroscopic-guided nasogastric tube placement in the postoperative laryngectomy patient
Elliott D. Kozin, Aaron K. Remenschneider, Mary Elizabeth Cunnane and Daniel G. Deschler

The galliform (Turkey thigh) model for resident training in facial plastic surgery
Dylan S. Isaacson, Pamela R. Edmonds and Glenn Isaacson

Combined percutaneous ultrasound and fluoroscopic-guided recanalization of stensen's duct
Naveed Basheeth, Patrick Sheahan and Michael Murphy

Percutaneous injection laryngoplasty
Dinesh K. Chhetri and Nausheen Jamal

Management of the difficult pediatric airway with endotracheal intubation via telescopic guidance
Matthew M. Dedmon, Derek J. Rogers and Christopher J. Hartnick

Helmet modification for soft-band bone-anchored hearing aid use during cranial orthosis
Michael F. Bonnar, Mauricio Ventura, Audrey Winans and Andrew R. Scott

Hemorrhage from large mastoid emissary vein: Pedicled, rotated, indented, periosteal-galeal flap
Jason P. Calligas and Norman W. Todd Jr.

Tracheoesophageal puncture with immediate prosthesis placement
Nitin A. Pagedar, Rodrigo Bayon, Jocelen Gudgeon, Rick F. Nelson, Douglas J. Van Daele and Henry T. Hoffman

Secondary voice prosthesis insertion in patients without direct access to the upper esophagus
Christian Meerwein, Roman Laske, Kristina Castiglioni, Joerg E. Bohlender and Gerhard F. Huber

Corniculate reconstruction after arytenoid resection in supracricoid laryngectomy
Myriam Loyo, Ollivier Laccourreye, Gregory S. Weinstein and F. Chistopher Holsinger

Replacement of fractured reconstruction plate with customized mandible implant: A novel technique
Alberto Bedogni, Giordana Bettini, Giuseppe Ferronato, Stefano Fusetti and Giorgia Saia

Extended dissection of the septal flap pedicle for ipsilateral endoscopic transpterygoid approaches
Carlos D. Pinheiro-Neto, Alessandro Paluzzi, Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda, Tiago F. Scopel, Eric W. Wang, Paul A. Gardner and Carl H. Snyderman

Demographic trends and disease-specific survival in salivary acinic cell carcinoma: An analysis of 1129 cases
Neal R. Patel, Saurin Sanghvi, Mohemmed N. Khan, Qasim Husain, Soly Baredes and Jean Anderson Eloy

A modified technique for septodermoplasty in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
Joanne Rimmer and Valerie J. Lund